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German Lessons Online Riesenrad
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German Lessons Online - Learn a Language via Skype


Modern technology brings our world closer together. Thanks to that you can connect with a native speaker anytime without even having to leave your comfy sofa! Making use of all the advantages the internet and in particular Skype can offer you can now learn German online in an authentic and modern way.



On this site you will find everything you need to know about:

  • how learning via Skype works
  • the advantages for you
  • how you can get the most out of your online learning experience
  • how to book and securely pay for your online classes.

Whether you are a complete beginner or already use German at an advanced level, together we can work on enhancing your language skills in a manner and time frame that suits you perfectly.


You will discover that learning online (with or without a camera) is just like a personal face to face class, with the added benefit of complete freedom of content, time and location.

About 90% of all communication is non-verbal, therefore being able to see the speaker's body language and facial expressions facilitates understanding immensely. However, should you feel shy or introverted or want to focus on authentic on-the-phone-situations you can always deactivate your camera. An option you don't have in a real classroom situation!

If you already have prior knowledge of German, I can ensure that you maintain your level and find great pleasure in conversing in your target language. You decide what skills you would like to focus on: speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, writing, grammar, or a combination of all. Should you have more ambitious goals or need to prove your current language level, I can help you prepare in our lessons for any test you may have to take, be it a general grammar exam, one of the "Goethe Zertifikate", a placement test, an oral examination or a job interview. Corrections and explanations can be done in real time by using Google Docs or Dropbox.



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